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Location of Hemkund Sahib Uttarakhand

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Location of Hemkund Sahib

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Gurdwara Hemkunt Sahib (coordinates (30.640792°N 79.692936°E)) is a Sikh shrine present in Uttarakhand state in India at a place called Lokpal, which is now associated with the tenth Guru, Guru Gobind Singh.

However, what distinguishes it from other historical sites linked to the great Guru is that this site is connected to the Guru's previous incarnation as the mighty warrior, Dusht Daman. According to some interpretations, the tenth Sikh Guru mentions this place in his composition Bachitar Natak which is found in the Dasam Granth. But it was not until the twentieth century after many long years of searching that Hemkunt Sahib was finally discovered.

In the Indian epic and Puranic literature, Himalayan landscapes are described as the dwelling places of gods and goddesses. Pilgrimage shrines mark the places where the landforms themselves - mountains, rivers, forests, and lakes - are said to have acquired sacred qualities. High above the tree line, in the midst of a natural rock garden of moss, ferns, and flowers, is one such sacred place: a small, blue-green lake fed by water which cascades down from the surrounding mountain walls.

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